New home port Bremen

by Bernd Huth

After almost 30 years of living and working in Hanover, I have found my new private and professional home port in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Bremen and now offer product design made in Bremen.

Die Weser in Bremen

I’m a northerner at heart, which made it much easier for me to arrive here in Bremen. In addition, I was already a “part-time Bremenian” for many years in the past as a product designer at the Institute for Integrated Design at the HfK. Of course, I still compare Hanover and Bremen. For example, I miss the Eilenriede, this unique city forest of Hanover. Instead, I now enjoy the Weser, which flows through Bremen and shapes the character of the Hanseatic city. Despite all the differences, there are also similarities. Bremen, like Hanover, has a very active and distinctive cultural and creative scene.

About 1.800 companies in the cultural and creative industries achieve an annual turnover of about 760 million euros in Bremen with more than 10.000 employees.

WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH

I am delighted to be part of this successful and highly innovative creative industry in Bremen. From now on I offer product design made in Bremen, from research to the finished product – packaging, consumer goods, capital goods…

Of course, I remain loyal to my clients in the Hanover region and can be reached at any time through the usual channels.

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